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This is your chance to ask Mark Zuckerberg anything



Mark Zuckerberg is prepared to take your questions

The massively wealthy, Mandarin-speaking Facebook founder will be hosting the social network’s first public Q&A next Thursday on Nov. 6 at 2 p.m. PT (5 p.m. ET)

You can already submit questions to Zuck by commenting on his announcement post. If you’re too shy to ask something yourself, there’s the option to “vote” for what questions get answered by liking comments.

The Q&A will last an hour, but considering there are already almost 5,000 comments on the post, there’s no way he’ll get to them all. …

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  • Eric Saferstein

    Ask Zuckerberg… Do you think facebook could be held liable in the
    event of a dominipede (multiple, simultaneous human stampedes)?

    Considering it’s real-time, social media component, it’s highly probable that
    facebook would be an unintentional contributor to such an asymmetric
    national security disaster. The big concern here is the NFL 1 o’clock
    slate of games. Think in terms of the modern equivalent of shouting
    “fire”in a crowded theater — widespread viral hoax evacuation orders or
    mass dissemination and saturation of panic-laden information.

    could prevent this hypothetical outcome by simply getting the word out
    — LEGITIMATE stadium emergency evacuation orders would NEVER come from
    your personal cell phone.

    agsaf dot org